When do we turn?
May 23, at 6 pm (CET)

Before the spin


  • Choose the location of the spin, preferably a peaceful place: in nature, in a park, at your home, or anywhere else.
  • Create a 1 meter circle to stand in. Find objects (e.g. small pebbles, stones, twigs,
    books, pencils, candles, fruits, shoes, cups etc…), with which you will mark the circle, and place the objects on the circuit of the 1-meter circle. Use at least 4 objects, to mark the 4 main directions, in order to manage the time more easily. The 4 main directions are: East, South, West and North. You can also think of the clock face, in that case place the objects at numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9.
  • Feel free to download the following mp3 audio file to your phone.

  • This 60 min audio file signals your progression in time every 15 min by a gong. At the start, you will hear 4 gong sounds, followed by 1 gong after 15 minutes, 2 gongs after 30 min, 3 gongs after 45 min, and finally, 4 gongs again after 60 min. This way, you don’t need to watch the time.
  • Before stepping into the circle, please turn your phone into airplane mode.
  • Prepare the audio file to be played.
  • Silence your thoughts, bring the intention of turning together into your awareness.
  • At the beginning of the spin, at 6pm CET, step into the center of the circle.
  • Begin by facing East.
  • Start the audio file signaling the time.

During the spin

  • In the first 5 minutes of the spin become aware of the fact that:
  • You are standing on Earth. The Earth retains.
  • Your central axis, as well as the axis of the Earth and all the people who are spinning right now meet in the center of the Earth.
  • You connect to all the people doing the spin with your attention, and they connect to each other, as well.
  • You are on your own, and yet together with everybody at the same time.
  • Take a moment to rest in this state of mind.
  • In the time that follows, keep turning slowly, continuously and evenly, in clockwise direction.
  • Throughout the spin, your sight (your attention), and your chest (your heart) will guide you and show the direction.
  • Check your position every 15 minutes, at the sound of the gong. If necessary, adjust the difference. It is ok if you slightly diverge. What’s important is that you give it your undivided attention for the full 60 minutes and that you complete the full turn.
  • At the end of the spin, after the 1 hour has passed, bring into your awareness for one more time, that we all have been connected to each other throughout the full 60 minutes.

After the spin

  • Step out of the circle.
  • You can take a picture of your feet, as you are standing in the circle. You are welcome to upload this photo to your HumanTurn profile, as cover photo.
  • We will be happy if you share your experience with us, on your HumanTurn profile.