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  • EvaM

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Spain (España)
I needed some days to digest the Human Turn experience before I could put words to express how it went for me. It was a very energizing experience. The sun was shining and heating with intensity- that was one of the most pleasant elements of the trip-. That powerful sun showed me the directions, gave me light and warmed my whole body. The same sun we all share was slowly moving down- which helped me to be more aware of the Earth turn- and I presented to him every face of my body as I was turning, he supported me and made my skin look golden.
I placed the circle at the top terrace of my childhood home, there is a small spot we never use, I’d never been standing there before, probably none. From there I could hear the bells coming from the church of my town ringing every half hour. Unfortunately, I didn’t synchronize them well with the gong audio, first I would hear the bells and 3min later the gong. It made me laugh to think about all of us having some trouble with the timing, having similar doubts.
At the beginning, during the first two quarters, my mind was a mess, it was only in silence for few minutes and then it started panicking again, I turned very fast and I was waiting long time facing the South and West. Slowly everything calmed down, I began to enjoy the connections, sounds, textures... and I was perfectly on time facing North. I didn’t want it to end, I wished I could stay there with you all day long. My feet were far away inside the ground touching the center of the Earth, burning. I was charged like a flower ready to step out of the circle and fly.

Thank you very much for facilitating this wonderful experience. It’s the kind of beauty that makes life worthwhile in these crazy days.